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We've produced a bunch of short films showcasing a range of jobs and what the job involves. You can filter the various jobs depending on the career you are thinking about exploring. We are adding new films all the time. If you haven't registered with us you can do so by clicking one of the following links.


Counsellor and Psychotherapist

A Counsellor treats behaviour patterns and Psychotherapist focuses emotional problems and difficulties.
Cultural/CreativeProfessionalTech & media

Digital Marketing Manager (recent apprentice)

A digital marketing manager is responsible for developing, implementing and managing marketing campaigns

Apprenticeship Plumber

Apprenticeships give you on the job training and there are many available.

Online Safety Campaigner

Online Safety Campaigners educate children and adults about online safety.
Cultural/CreativeTech & media

Lighting Designer

Lighting designers ensure the light at an event complements and enhances the performance for the viewer


Florists work with the general public and need to think quickly and creatively

Actor and Performer

Actors portray a role and perform it to an audience

Hairdresser Manager

Hairdressing use their technical and creative skills to create hair styles for their clients.
Cultural/CreativeTech & media

Sound engineer

Sound Engineers ensure the sound at an event or recording is right for the listener and production.
Cultural/CreativeTech & media

Web developers

Computer programmers/web developers plan and write the code to make computer programmes and websites to work.

Professional cricketer

Professional cricketers play in a team and contribute to their team's success.
STEMCultural/CreativeTech & media

Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers look after the social media campaigns for businesses

Micro Biology Technician

Science technicians help prepare and process experiments
STEMCultural/CreativeTech & media

Game Music Sound Designer

Meet Tim, a Game Music Sound Designer freelancer

Music Merchandiser and Company Director

Music Merchandisers help performers sell their merchandise
STEMHealth/welfareLand & construction

Veterinary Nurse

Vet nurses look after the health of animals during surgery and in their care
STEMHealth/welfareLand & construction

Animal Hydrotherapist

Animal hydrotherapists help animals to get well using water as therapy