Our approach

Careers Beyond Covid is a brand new programme connecting young people and employers across the Coast to Capital LEP area which covers the Gatwick corridor and Crawley, Brighton & Hove and along the coast to Chichester region.

We are funded by the European Social Fund and our services are free for both employers and young people who meet the project’s criteria. You can find out more about our funding here.   

Careers beyond Covid offers young people help with: Careers Guidance • Mental health and wellbeing support • Finding and applying for job roles • Financial aid • Work experience • Mentoring

Coverage map

Through Careers Beyond Covid’s unique approach, we:

  • work with young people to address the challenges faced when attempting to access the labour market
  • support employers across the region to make sure the jobs they have available are accessible and attainable

Our network of qualified careers advisors and mental health coach are helping a diverse range of young people to:

  • discover and explore their interests and strengths
  • address any barriers holding them back
  • develop their employability skills through a targeted programme of activities
  • feel better prepared to access the labour market
  • identify and successfully apply to organisations and roles that are a good fit.
  • gain a new role and want to stay in it!

Through our combined expertise in careers development and recruitment we will help employers connect, engage, recruit and retain the fantastic young talent we have across the Coast to Capital region.

We offer sustained support into employment and beyond - we won't just refer and go but rather we cultivate and help the new employee grow and blossom in their role.

Employers will benefit from;

  • advice and support to ensure your recruitment process attracts talent
  • a managed recruitment process
  • a diverse range of quality applicants
  • applications that meet your needs
  • job ready young people who have explored ideas and potential career areas and are keen to enter and commit to your workforce
  • support to retain and develop your new employee.

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