Greener Careers Sussex

Are you or do you support someone interested in studying courses learning about sustainability, net zero, the green economy? 

You can search our directory to find out more about all the courses in Sussex that link to sustainable and net-zero careers.  Select one of the Level boxes below to find out more about courses at the level that suit you.

The directory is categorised by the sectors set out by the Green Jobs Taskforce to help with finding a green job, a job that contributes to or supports the UK's net zero emissions target and other environmental goals. A breakdown of the sectors and how they link to careers can be found here.

Some courses appear in more than one heading.  If you are a learner using this directory by yourself you can speak to your careers advisor at school or college or use our ‘chat now’ blue button at the bottom of your screen to get individual support. If you need more information or guidance about choosing courses visit our main page here to see all the resources available to you.

Find out more about Labour Market Information in the Green Sector please visit Sussex Learning Network's website here.